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Brenda's Bio

Brenda is a certified 500hr E-RYT who created this program to help women worldwide. She teaches at the Mind Body Institute at UCLA and Two Hearts Yoga and has licensed her Strong YogaTM 4 Fertility to Yoga Works. In 2005, Brenda became the first national spokesperson of The American Fertility Association and serves on their board. (www.theafa.org) She has been featured in ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE MAGAZINE, SHAPE MAGAZINE FOR PREGNANCY, PLUM, CONCEIVE, YOGA JOURNAL and YOGA MAGAZINE. Brenda is inspired by the teachings of Rod Stryker, Erich Schiffman and Gary Kraftsow. Even though Strong YogaTM 4 Fertility is something she developed from her own experiences with infertility and her research in working with other women; she attributes much of her inspiration to the teaching lineage of those who came before her. Brenda is a certified Pre-Natal Teacher and has lead teacher training's for Strong YogaTM 4 Fertility to teachers with an interest in deepening their capacity to help women heal from within. She lives with her husband and son in Los Angeles. Her day job is playing "Mary Alice Young" on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and has been an award-winning actress for 20 years.

Brenda has received an honorary doctorate of science from Yo San University, specializing in traditional chinese medicine, for her pioneering work in fertility.