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Q: I don't live in The United States. Will all the DVD's play in my country?
A: All the Strong YogaTM DVD's are region free.

Q: I am uncomfortable with giving out credit card information online. Is there somewhere I can call to place my order with a person?
 A: Yes, you can call Brenda's office, here, and someone will assist you.

Q: If I am in the last two weeks of my cycle or have had IUI or IVF is there anything on the DVD that I shouldn't do?
A: Always follow your doctor's advice. But as a general rule of thumb - avoid all lower abdominal twisting poses, as they may be injurious to developing follicles, as well as uncomfortable if you are experiencing swelling or bloating. On a natural cycle, twisting can energetically be more detoxifying, so it is advised if you think you're pregnant to avoid twisting at this time.

Q: Can I do this DVD once I'm pregnant?
A: Yes! Most of the poses in this DVD are also beneficial for pregnancy as they support the reproductive organs. However, after the first trimester, I recommend buying the Strong YogaTM 4Pregnancy DVD as it covers all 3 trimesters or finding a prenatal class in your community.

Q: My hips are really tight is this normal?
A: There tends to be unexpressed emotion in the hips. If you are in double pidgeon you can sit on a bolster and work at simply lifting up through your heart and gently leaning forward. In 1/2 pidgeon can you get your ankle to cross your knee? If so, then use the elbow on the knee to gently press it away from you to open the hips. If doing this doesn't help, try sitting in a chair and crossing you ankle over your knee and let gravity take it down to soften the hip. Hinge forward from the hips and breathe.

Q: How can I become more flexible during the downward facing dog, the pose when your sitting on the ground legs out and leaning forward?
A: Hamstrings are very large muscles, and like taffy need to be coaxed slowly into lengthening. If Downward Dog and Paschimottanasana (seated forward fold) are challenging, do more standing forward fold and let gravity assist you. (It's on the DVD) The key is to hinge in the hips and start with bent knees. Fold forward with your feet hip distance until your back starts to feel tight as you described (I know that feeling).
Then bend your knees straight over your toes until your chest is resting on your thighs. Shift your weight forward toward the toes. Breathe deeply and let gravity stretch the muscles in your back, release your head and let your spine stretch.
Then start to slowly press into your feet to raise your hips and lengthen your hamstrings. It will feel like a bit of tug of war at first, breathe, be patient and keep doing it daily, the hamstrings will eventually stretch this way. Firm your quadriceps to protect your hamstrings. Doing the DVD more often will help as well.