This is a yoga class for women who are on a journey toward trying to have
a baby, and are experiencing difficulty. It is to enhance and support any
protocol treatment suggested by your doctor.

Yoga can reduce stress,bodily tension and energetic blocks in the body that
can accumulate over time. This yin style of yoga focuses on maintaining
homeostasis and increasing energetic flow in the body,particularly in the
area of the second chakra or seat of creation where the reproductive organs
are located.
This yoga class was adapted specifically to support women on a journey toward wholeness in their
reproductive capabilities and to reduce the stress created by its pursuit.

I have developed a specialized yoga practice for women and couples experiencing infertility. I call it
simmer yoga, or yin style yoga. What makes this yoga practice different and new is the
sequencing of postures, breath and attention/intention focusing primarily on the area of reproductive
organs better known as the Second Chakra in the energetic system. Through my couples workshop with
my husband Tom during the years of 1998 through 1999, we established a system of using yoga as a
metaphor for the relationship between couples, and exploring non-verbal communication. Because of my
own secondary fertility issues, I began to incorporate my background in Vini Yoga (Yoga Therapy), Chi
Gong and Chakra work involving BioEnegetics to design a system of yoga postures which would do the

Reduce Stress/Calm nervous system
Increase Coping mechanism
Open Subtle Energy channels
Deepen Awareness/Remove obstacles
Build yin in 2nd Chakra (seat of creation)
Balance Mind, Body and Spirit
Increase relaxation capability
Improve circulation, muscle tone, organ suppleness and responsiveness
Improve breath control
Activate parasympathetic nervous system

Reduce Stress/calm nervous system
Deepen feelings of connection/intimacy
Team building: explore themes of trust, synergy,balance, interdependence,support, opposition,
yin/yang, give and take, harmony, surrender and partnership.
Increase awareness of non-verbal relationship and communication
Explore effective/non effective patterns in relationship
Increase relaxation capability
Stretch/tone muscles

I have developed several class structures incorporating a list of yoga poses which through research and
my years of experience teaching, have been the most effective regarding the objectives listed above.

It is in relationship to another, not in isolation, that we are defined and refined against the grindstone
of life.

Yoga means yoke or union. For the purpose of this practice, it is the joining or union with another
person that we will explore. Yoga allows us to explore the polarities of opposites, effort and surrender,
stretching and strengthening, feminine and masculine, balance and stability. It is in relationship or
partnership that we discover our strengths and weaknesses, and it is through yoga we can discover
more about these aspects and balance each other. Yoga can be a metaphor for the dynamics in a
partnership, exploring interdependence, giving and receiving, support and opposition, trusting and
letting go, and respecting each others limitations. We can learn the effective and in effective ways in
which we partner each other through this process of exploration. Not to mention the physical benefit
of going deeper into ourselves and into poses with the assistance of a partner.