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Dear Brenda and everyone at Strong Yoga 4 Fertility,

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 14 months.  After four rounds of Clomid, and the suggestion from my gynecologist that a referral to a specialist would probably be necessary, we both had begun to feel the effects of our stress, fear and disappointment.  I knew something had to change.  While I still wanted to do everything I could to have a child, those negative feelings could not continue to play such a predominant role in how I felt about “my journey” toward having a child. 

I stumbled on to your website, and was immediately touched and moved nearly to tears (in a good way!) when reading your blogs.  They just seemed to speak to me.  Here was the quiet faith, the stress-free celebration of love and life, the reminder to breathe, that I sought.   It was as though everything I wanted to think and believe was right there in those blogs.  Your mother’s story about the yo-yo; the notion of embracing the journey you ARE ON, rather than lamenting the one you think you should be on…this outlook both soothed and inspired me.

I had recently begun incorporating yoga into my exercise routine, and decided to purchase your DVD, as well as your Fertility Acupressure Balls.  I always feel wonderful after the DVD – the workout is easy to follow and understand.  I noticed an improvement in my flexibility very quickly, and the sense of relaxation is invaluable, and stays with me long after I leave my mat.  The Acupressure exercises are so different and intriguing.  I try to “breathe into” them and pay attention to anything I feel.    

I found your website a little over a month ago.  I think my husband and I must have found a perfect crossroads of attitude, mind, spirit and body.  I am still halfway in shock, so it is a strange and wonderful thrill to type these words:  I am pregnant.

Brenda, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences!!!  And good luck to anyone reading this.  Brenda’s yoga is well worth it – pregnancy or no.  Finding the calm, quiet faith and letting go of the frantic desperation that can come in the world of “TTC” was a blessing I will always remember and carry with me.

Many blessings and much love to you, Brenda, and everyone at  Strong Yoga 4 Fertility.




I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed part 1 of your Yoga 4 Fertility series in NYC. After struggling with infertility for almost 2 years it was refreshing to be amongst such a loving and talented group of women!  Your teaching has benefited me me more than you could ever imagine.  The week after our workshop I traveled to California for vacation, and when we returned I found out I was pregnant!  Yes! Pregnant!!!!  We were so surprised and excited when the doctor confirmed the due date of January 16th, he also pinpointed the day of conception, which happened to fall on the weekend of your workshop.  I know this was no coincidence; I felt so much energy that weekend and finally allowed myself to forgive my body.  

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, you have not only changed my life but inspired me to change others.  I am currently enrolled in the 300-HR teacher training and will finish my training a month before our little boy arrives!  I look forward to finishing the remainder of the Yoga 4 Fertility training with you.  

Much love, 


Good morning, Brenda,

I just wanted to thank you so very much for completely changing my life!  After years of trying to conceive and after being on fertility medicines and undergoing procedures, for the past year (clomid, injectibles, IUI, etc.), with no success,  I decided that I had done enough damage to my body and my spirit and decided to purchase your Fertility Balls, along with your Yoga for Fertility DVD. I had never done yoga before but after a month of following you on my TV screen daily (aside from Desperate House Wives…my guilty pleasure), I felt like a new person, with a brand new respect for my body and a totally different outlook on our fertility as a couple.  I continued to use your Fertility Balls regularly and I am now starting a Yoga Teacher Training course (200 Hour) with my local studio…oh, and did I forget to mention that I am now SIX WEEKS PREGNANT!!!  So, thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful products, as well as being the first person to guide me into the life-changing world of Yoga.  You have been such a huge influence in successfully getting us pregnant…I only hope that I can help other women the way that you have helped me!

Happy New Year and may it be filled with many, many blessings,
Erin Bozan

I have been using your yoga for fertility DVD and just found out I am pregnant. I wanted to know if you had any recommendations for yoga DVDs during pregnancy. I know your DVD really helped me get that BFP!!! And I hope a similar one can help me with the delivery of healthy baby.
Thank you,

I love your video. I feel so much better after I do it and am giving it to my sis for Christmas.
Happy Holidays – Hilary

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed part 1 of your “Yoga4Fertility” series in NYC. After struggling with infertility for almost 2 years, it was refreshing to be amongst such a loving and talented group of women! Your teaching has benefited me more than you could ever imagine. The week after our workshop I traveled to Los Olivas – CA for vacation. When we return I found out I was pregnant – yes, pregnant!
We were so surprised and excited. When the doctor confirmed the due date of January 16th, he also pinpointed the day of conception. The conception happened to fall on the weekend of your workshop. I know this was no coincidence; I felt so much energy that weekend and finally allowed myself to forgive my body.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, you have not only changed my life, but inspired me to change others. I am currently enrolled in the 300 hr teacher training and ill finish my training a month before out little boy – our doctor just confirmed it’s a boy – arrives! I look forward to finishing the remainder of the “Yoga4Fertility” training with you.
Much Love,

Hi Brenda,
I received my DVD yesterday and love it! I wanted you to know I found out about your web site through Fertile Dreams (Orlando Fl). My husband and I applied the grant to help with the cost with IVF. We've been trying for over 2 yrs with 4 failed IUI and 1 failed IVF. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the grant!!
Have a great day and thanks for creating Yoga 4 Fertility.
Deana Welsh

Thank you so much for making this! I started using this after 7 months of TTC and on the 8th month it worked! Sadly, the pregnancy was ectopic and long story short, my tube ruptured and had to be severed. I recently moved and could not locate your DVD and had to buy another one! We are optimistic and just started trying again with the help of Clomid.
Thank you again!
Summer Bailey

I just wanted to thank you for the great work you've done in helping women to take control of their fertility challenges. I've used your DVDs as part of my practice and found them to be a great resource. After 5 yrs of surgery, IVF, positive thinking and the gamut of eastern techniques, I'm proud to say that I'm a mother to the most beautiful 9 month old boy. He's amazing! I don't want to take any more of your time, but keep up the good work! It's worthwhile.

"I just wanted to say that I just got this DVD and I LOVE it. I am 39 and trying to get pregnant for the first time. This yoga workout is so inspiring and just what I needed. Regardless of whether I become pregnant, I plan to continue to do yoga. After only a few weeks, I am noticing huge differences, in my body and also in ability to cope with stress more effectively. Thank you so much for making this for women who are trying to get pregnant." Sharon S.

I initially bought this dvd when my doctor diagnosed me with anovulation. At the same time, my husband and I found out that his sperm count was zero (due to him being given external testosterone prescribed by our primary care physician)! Therefore, I was told I would have to go on Clomid once my husband's count was back to normal. Of course this was all devastating news news for us both since we had been trying to conceive for six months. Initially, I went through an emotional roller coaster from being upset, mad and then sad. One morning I woke up and was tired of feeling sorry for myself and decided to do something about my situation.
I came across your dvd in Conceive magazine, and I decided to give it a try. Once I received the dvd, I began utilizing it three to four times a week. It was a great way for me to relax and calm down after the stresses of the day. The moves were easy to follow and allowed me to really listen to my body and focus on what it needed. Now after making Yoga4Fertility a part of my workout routine for about three months, my husband and I are pregnant without me ever taking Clomid! My doctor was initially confused and shocked how this happened since on paper, it wasn't possible!!! I attribute your dvd to helping me allow my body to heal itself and regulate my hormones so I could ovulate naturally. Thank you so much for this great dvd! I'm proof that it can aid in the healing of the reproductive functions.
Karen L. Dallas, Texas

After doing Brenda's Yoga4Fertility I found myself more relaxed, energetic and feeling stronger. I found I was more in touch with my body and how it felt, it was like having a deep, all over body massage, but even better. -D.C.

Just knowing that you are doing something that directly stimulates reproductive areas is a comfort.-J.K.

For the first time I stopped and listened to my body and through Yoga4Fertility, I learned how to do that. I am a type A, anal retentive, perfectionist and for the most part I'm always "doing" and on the run. Now I know how to stop and connect with my body and my breath and it really helps to center and calm me down.-T.H.

Between postures, breathing and mind set tools; I learned to frequently "let go" every day.- N.R.

It was the beginning of a new sense of myself. I had never done yoga before and I was able to think more clearly by opening up my body. I was able to release a lot of unexpressed feelings held tight within my body.-L.V

The breathing exercises were valuable to apply in stressful situations, I found my coping ability to the ups and downs in life greatly enhanced.-D.C.

I have become more centered, focused and quiet inside and in stressful situations. I am much more able to deal with them now and know how to take a deep breath and calm my mind and body down. Yoga4Fertility has also helped me to listen and find out what the real issue is versus the "outer" issue.

I became more centered calmer, and Pregnant! -N.R.

I was better able to cope with the rollercoaster ride of infertility treatments, I didn't view my body as a separate entity, I got more in touch with my mind/body connection.- L.V.

I became more calm and serene, and even happy! For me Yoga allowed me to tap into my true self.

Every Doctor I've consulted with recommended Yoga.-J.K.

I believe Yoga4Fertility had a great impact on me getting pregnant. After almost 7 years of trying to get pregnant (about five of those years with fertility specialists) I am now 7 months pregnant and thrilled! -T.H.

Yoga4Fertility helps give you a new view of your body. Throughout infertility treatments we view our body as the enemy, the block to the realization of our dreams of having a child. Yoga4Fertility helps to diffuse the animosity towards our bodies, to become one with our bodies on a journey of healing ourselves.-L.V.

My doctor supported my doing Yoga4Fertility, because infertility is a very stressful and depressing condition. The doctor believed reducing stress definitely would affect my chances of becoming pregnant. Yoga4Fertility gave me a healthier relationship with my body at a time when I couldn't help being mad at my body. That in turn, improved my peace of mind.- NR.

"Your yoga practice was a friendly and encouraging focus on my wish for a child. It led me into peaceful awareness of my desire and helped me open to it completely helping me to release stress, impatient expectation, fear of infertility, fear of taking the "right" decision. It also helped my body to prepare for the journey I think. In two months of doing the practice as much as I could, my legs and belly lost part of extra weight and started being well muscled (well for me, since I never did any sport of any kind), my back, arms and chest are also stronger. This practice has led me towards a whole new relationship with my body, feeling it becoming stronger, more supple, more lean, and I now really enjoy feeling it moving smoothly every day. I didn't expect so much from it! I am now really enjoying my body, which wasn"t the case before... Now I feel that it is really good that my body started building strength and flexibility before actually being pregnant.

My mental state also improved: I have been feeling a lot calmer, confident (in myself and in life itself), joyful, more able to enjoy the moment and not worry for the future. Your yoga for fertility practice helped me turn naturally to a daily yoga practice, led me to discover vinyasa/flow yoga which I like more than "holding the postures" yoga and helped me transpose this practice into my daily life..I had been more of an amateur so far. Since I work with you I feel a lot more "yoga" in all aspects of my life and not only pregnancy...

For the rest of the journey I feel really confident that I'll have no problem living it whatever happens, thanks to your help and a regular yoga practice. It has helped me focus again on my spiritual life, and it has always been from there that I wished to live conception and pregnancy."

V -France

I did a Strong Yoga class the weekend before my successful IVF transfer, so I credit it with helping.

Thanks so much,

I recently purchased the first Yoga4Fertility DVD and love it.