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Strong Yoga® for Women DVDs

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Strong Yoga® 4Fertility Box Collection

This 3 DVD Set is a wonderful way to honor the journey of becoming a parent.

Strong Yoga® 4Fertility prepares your body for conception by reducing stress, removing energetic blocks and increasing circulation to the reproductive organs. Simple and straightforward this DVD is perfect for beginners and experienced students alike.

Strong Yoga® 4Partners helps reduce stress in the partnership, creating non-verbal communication, intimacy, balance, harmony and playful interaction through a shared yoga practice. Perfect for partners trying to conceive to connect and take their mind off of physical and financial stress.

Strong Yoga® 4Pregnancy is the perfect DVD to accompany you through all 3 trimesters of your pregnancy. This DVD is designed for women who have gone through infertility or are simply interested in a yoga practice that is going to help their body and their mind prepare for labor. Bonus features are a labor practice with partner and testimonials from former students who have conceived using Strong Yoga® 4Fertility.


Strong Yoga® 4Fertility

Strong Yoga® 4Fertility is a proprietary approach to teaching yoga for fertility created by Brenda Strong. This program uses the ancient healing wisdom of yoga and applies it to the modern problem of reproductive difficulty. Using the specific postures and breathing techniques to open the body from the inside out, Strong Yoga® 4Fertility helps to release tightness in muscle and connective tissue, increase blood flow to reproductive organs and invites the mind and body to facilitate its own healing capacity. Brenda has combined yoga asana, visualization, meditation, pranayama, qi gong and bioenergetics to help support the reproductive organs and increase a woman's connection to the "divine feminine" while decreasing stress.



Strong Yoga® 4Partners

Strong Yoga® 4Partners was created by Brenda Strong and her husband Tom Henri to help couples maintain their intimacy and positive connection while undergoing reproductive difficulties. This DVD uses yoga as a metaphor for the dynamics in a relationship and helps couples connect to one another through simple breathing and stretching exercises.


Strong Yoga® 4Pregnancy

Strong Yoga® 4Pregnancy helps women prepare for birth by using yoga to strengthen and stabilize the body during the three trimesters of pregnancy. In addition to a personalized yoga practice - in which Brenda Strong guides you through warm-ups as well as standing, balance, seated and relazxation poses - this DVD includes labor techniques you can do with a partner.


"I always feel wonderful after the [Strong Yoga® 4 Fertility]DVD – the workout is easy to follow and understand.  I noticed an improvement in my flexibility very quickly, and the sense of relaxation is invaluable, and stays with me long after I leave my mat." -Stacey

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