2009 StrongYoga4Fertility Teacher Training Dates:

Los Angeles: March 27th-29th

New York: April 24th -26th

Orange County: May 2nd and 3rd

To register call (310) 664-6470 xt. 143


Offered exclusively through Yoga Works

Yoga for Fertility

Discover the unique and empowering approach to teaching Yoga for Fertility with Strong Yoga4Fertility™ 20hr CEU Teacher Training Course with Brenda Strong. Strong Yoga4Fertility™ applies the ancient healing wisdom of Yoga to the modern problem of reproductive difficulty. Using specific postures and breathing techniques to open the body from the inside out helps to release tightness in muscle and connective tissue, increase blood flow to reproductive organs and invites the mind and body to presence its own healing capacity.

This is a course that will deepen your connection to your own sacred feminine wisdom, while empowering others on their path to pregnancy and conscious parenting.