"I just wanted to say that I just got this DVD and I LOVE it. I am 39 and trying to get pregnant for the first time. This yoga workout is so inspiring and just what I needed. Regardless of whether I become pregnant, I plan to continue to do yoga. After only a few weeks, I am noticing huge differences, in my body and also in ability to cope with stress more effectively.
Thank you so much for making this for women who are trying to get pregnant."
Sharon S.


I initially bought this dvd when my doctor diagnosed me with anovulation. At the same time, my husband and I found out that his sperm count was zero (due to him being given external testosterone prescribed by our primary care physician)! Therefore, I was told I would have to go on Clomid once my husband's count was back to normal. Of course this was all devastating news news for us both since we had been trying to conceive for six months. Initially, I went through an emotional roller coaster from being upset, mad and then sad. One morning I woke up and was tired of feeling sorry for myself and decided to do something about my situation.

I came across your dvd in Conceive magazine, and I decided to give it a try. Once I received the dvd, I began utilizing it three to four times a week. It was a great way for me to relax and calm down after the stresses of the day. The moves were easy to follow and allowed me to really listen to my body and focus on what it needed. Now after making Yoga4Fertility a part of my workout routine for about three months, my husband and I are pregnant without me ever taking Clomid! My doctor was initially confused and shocked how this happened since on paper, it wasn't possible!!! I attribute your dvd to helping me allow my body to heal itself and regulate my hormones so I could ovulate naturally. Thank you so much for this great dvd! I'm proof that it can aid in the healing of the reproductive functions.

Karen L.
Dallas, Texas


After doing Brenda's Yoga4Fertility I found myself more relaxed, energetic and feeling stronger. I found I was more in touch with my body and how it felt, it was like having a deep, all over body massage, but even better. -D.C.
Just knowing that you are doing something that directly stimulates reproductive areas is a comfort.-J.K.
For the first time I stopped and listened to my body and through Yoga4Fertility, I learned how to do that. I am a type A, anal retentive, perfectionist and for the most part I'm always "doing" and on the run. Now I know how to stop and connect with my body and my breath and it really helps to center and calm me down.-T.H.
Between postures, breathing and mind set tools; I learned to frequently "let go" every day.- N.R.
It was the beginning of a new sense of myself. I had never done yoga before and I was able to think more clearly by opening up my body. I was able to release a lot of unexpressed feelings held tight within my body.-L.V
The breathing exercises were valuable to apply in stressful situations, I found my coping ability to the ups and downs in life greatly enhanced.-D.C.
I have become more centered, focused and quiet inside and in stressful situations. I am much more able to deal with them now and know how to take a deep breath and calm my mind and body down. Yoga4Fertility has also helped me to listen and find out what the real issue is versus the "outer" issue.
I became more centered calmer, and Pregnant! -N.R.
I was better able to cope with the rollercoaster ride of infertility treatments, I didn't view my body as a separate entity, I got more in touch with my mind/body connection.- L.V.
I became more calm and serene, and even happy! For me Yoga allowed me to tap into my true self.
Every Doctor I've consulted with recommended Yoga.-J.K.
I believe Yoga4Fertility had a great impact on me getting pregnant. After almost 7 years of trying to get pregnant (about five of those years with fertility specialists) I am now 7 months pregnant and thrilled! -T.H.
Yoga4Fertility helps give you a new view of your body. Throughout infertility treatments we view our body as the enemy, the block to the realization of our dreams of having a child. Yoga4Fertility helps to diffuse the animosity towards our bodies, to become one with our bodies on a journey of healing ourselves.-L.V.
My doctor supported my doing Yoga4Fertility, because infertility is a very stressful and depressing condition. The doctor believed reducing stress definitely would affect my chances of becoming pregnant. Yoga4Fertility gave me a healthier relationship with my body at a time when I couldn't help being mad at my body. That in turn, improved my peace of mind.- NR.