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P.M. Meditations

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Find your sacred space and sit down.

Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth saying “HA” on the out breath, releasing any residual tension from your day through your breath.

Once you’ve allowed your breath to release that tension, allow your mind to settle into listening.


Close your eyes and allow your mind to come into your awareness.

Whatever incomplete thoughts you have will start to arise. These thoughts and feelings from your day will start to download into your awareness.

The key here is not to be swept away with the thoughts. Simply watch them as they rise and fall away. In doing this you are releasing any emotional attachment to keeping them in place and subconsciously running your life.

If the thoughts are particularly charged emotionally, use your exhale to “expire” those thoughts.

Once you feel that the field of your mind is clear, (and this may take some time in the beginning.)  Remind yourself of what your intention was for the day.


Hey B, Is there supposed to be something under this heading or is this a heading and everything underneath are subheadings? let me know!


Acknowledge what could have gone better, what fell out of alignment with your intention during your day.  Being human, this is bound to happen.  The key is to release it into the field of grace through forgiveness.


As a woman, one of the hardest things is to forgive is ourselves for what we perceive are our shortcomings.  If we can’t forgive ourselves, those negative thoughts and feelings carry over into the next day and start to strangle the joy out of our lives. How do we stop this cycle of self-punishment? By lovingly saying in your own mind, “I forgive myself for judging myself for…”

With each of your affirmations for forgiveness, release it on the exhale allowing it to move out of your body on your breath. “Expire” the thoughts that no longer serve you.

If you are having a tough time letting go, try writing “I forgive myself for judging myself for…” several times until it no longer has an emotional charge.


I forgive myself judging myself for being judgmental.

I forgive myself for judging myself for not following my intuition.

I forgive myself for judging myself for not standing in my truth.

I forgive myself for judging myself for being unkind (Both to myself and others

I forgive myself for judging myself for being impatient.

I forgive myself for judging myself for being imperfect.

I forgive myself for judging myself for not being able to forgive myself!


I forgive myself for judging myself for any thought or action that was not in alignment with my intention to love and nurture myself today

I forgive myself for judging myself for getting angry

I forgive myself for judging myself for feeling scared. (Sad, lost, small, helpless, selfish, mean, spiteful, indifferent, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, upset, cranky, fat, ugly, unlovable, etc.)

I forgive myself for projecting into and worrying about the future

I forgive myself for judging or regretting any past action and dwelling on it

I forgive myself for judging my (husband, doctor, mother, friend, teacher) for…fill in the blank

I forgive myself for not getting pregnant

I forgive myself for judging myself for losing any previous pregnancies

I forgive myself for judging myself for being jealous of other pregnant women

End with a positive affirmation or two:

I release the need to control how I become a mother, trusting that if I continue to focus on the journey, the HOW will be revealed in time

I see others and their children as a testament that parenting is possible for me

This is FOR me

This is the best tool we have for wiping the slate clean so that we can begin the next day fresh


With a clear field of forgiveness we can start to plant seeds of appreciation for the “wins” of your day, the things that made you feel positive feelings.

Acknowledge yourself for what worked, what was in alignment with your intention and what felt good.

Marinate in these good feelings and let them radiate through your heart to every cell of your body.

Allow gratitude to permeate your being.  Allowing these positive feelings space in your awareness allows them to grow.  Planting these seeds in this fertile ground will grow the most amazing garden of gratitude.

When you are complete, move your awareness back to gratitude for your willingness to be honest and loving in this moment.  Place one hand on your heart; (Anahata Chakra, the seat of compassion) and one on your belly (Svadisthana Chakra, the seat of creation) and take a deep breath into your hand at your heart, expanding your willingness to love yourself and then exhale into your hand at the belly, planting that seed of love into the seat of creation in the 2nd Chakra to start your day tomorrow anew.


A word about the 2nd chakra or seat of creation

Our second chakra rules the reproductive organs, sexuality, creativity and our ability to generate life, to nurture ourselves and life itself.  Expanding your awareness of your belly through out your day will give you a road map to your own intuition. Simply notice: Is your belly tight, are you holding tension there?  Or are you soft bellied and trusting?

As you practice the A.M AND P.M YOGA MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN allow your pelvis and belly to feel rooted to Mother Earth.  This will anchor your divine feminine wisdom in your body and allow you to access your “gut” instincts through out your day.

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