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Bikram Yoga and Pregnancy : You Decide

Are Bikram Yoga and Pregnancy compatible? Bikram yoga, or “hot” yoga as it known by many is a controversial yoga practice while pregnant. Before you decide whether this is an exercise program you want to pursue, it’s important to inform yourself.

Here’s what happens with Bikram Yoga:

It’s practiced in a hot room with heat that exceeds your natural body temperature and, critics say, it can lead to overstretching and joint instability. (and joint stability is something you want to protect while pregnant)

Internal heating of your body = hydration/dehydration When you lose vital fluids through excess sweat your body goes through a dehydration and lose of electrolytes that can be stressful on your adrenal glands. In my work with Strong Yoga® 4Pregnancy, I believe that what happens to you, happens to your baby.

You practice a series of 26 postures that are not designed specifically for a pregnant body. Many of the postures are ones that I and many other responsible experts would never recommend while pregnant. What’s the Alternative?

There are many classes designed specifically for pregnancy. But you don’t need to leave the house and go to a class to get the benefits of Yoga during your pregnancy.

I am honored that my Strong Yoga® 4Pregnancy DVD has been the choice of many pregnant women to support them through all three trimesters and birth. Doing a yoga practice that gently supports your pregnancy will increase your ability to be healthy, manage the changes in your body and prepare you for labor.

Many women falsely believe in “No Pain, No Gain”. That’s a risky and inaccurate assessment of the benefits of exercise and particularly Yoga during your pregnancy.


If you have been practicing Bikram Yoga prior to and during conception, are accustomed to the increased stressors, AND have permission from your OBGYN, perhaps you will be comfortable combining Bikram Yoga and pregnancy. However, it’s important to know that you have other choices. It makes sense that Bikram Yoga creates an increased risk to the stability of a pregnancy. If you are one of the X number million of women who have already struggled with infertility, while roll the dice? There are powerful and healing forms of gentle Yoga that can support you through your pregnancy. Is Bikram Yoga and Pregnancy Right For You? You Decide.