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Explore different ways to nurture and enhance your fertility through yogic practices, meditation, breathwork, health tips, and essential oils. From before conception through the different stages of pregnancy and beyond birth, we’re here to support your well-being. 

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Healing from the inside out

I'm Brenda Strong, and I have been a professional actress and yoga practitioner and teacher for more than 23 years. I believe that Yoga for Women is an essential tool for every age and stage of a woman’s life. Why? Because yoga reveals the truthful essence of who we are in our wholeness no matter where we are on life's path.

I created Strong Yoga® 4Women to support women on their life journey through reproductive difficulties, relationships, pregnancy and yes, even that "naughty word" menopause. I’ve discovered through my own practice and teaching over the last two decades that being a woman today is a journey and we are always evolving. I have also discovered that whenever life offers us a crisis, there is an opportunity to grow. During these times of growth, yoga helps us to enhance mental clarity, balance emotions, and heal the body from the inside out. These yoga practices will help balance your moon (menstrual) cycle, enhance feminine energy and increase your ability to receive to create.In addition they help to decrease your stress and increase your health and well being.

Strong Yoga® 4Women acknowledges that we as women are unique in our make up, and are the vessels of creation, whether it is to create a child, a relationship, or our dreams.

Even when life is serving up a plate of sorrows, it is the practice of being with ourselves in the present moment that allows us to get the full measure of its sweetness. It is my personal mission to help support you towards loving yourself, no matter where you are in life.

Nurturing Yourself


If you have a goal to get pregnant, you are in the right place. You will discover natural solutions in the practices and products on this website that will help you to ground, relax and learn to receive to conceive. And, by the time you carry that baby, you will be a healthier person. (learn more)

If you are already pregnant, you are in the right place. You will find natural solutions to relieve tension, and strengthen your body in preparation for birth and help support the health and well being of your child and yourself at the same time. (learn more)


If you are looking for healthy relationships with yourself, your partner and the world, you are in the right place. Yoga literally means “union” and by learning the principles of breath, and body awareness, you will find all of your relationships becoming more fulfilling and authentic. (learn more)


If you are going through this life change, the attitude with which you approach this transition will mean the difference between fear and resistance or grace and ease. (learn more)

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